Crossing Over

Firey Ride

Crossing Over

Firey balloon rideIn honour of what has been and who has been,

the crossing of paths and their parting,

what’s been found and what’s been lost.

May it all enrich our Soul

May we find our path and those we can walk it with alongside,

our tribe, our soul companions, our spirits

and all that sustains growth and endurance.

  • Protect LOVE
  • Let LOVE find you & radiate on
  • Protect and nourish LIFE
  • Do not be afraid of Darkness nor Fire, for without them, life has no roots and no force for change or creation.

Be the Warriors and Fire Keepers this year requires us to be, stick together, love yourselves, take care of each other.

With Love at the crossing of the Year

Filomena x


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