Creative Release & Life-flow Workshops

Creative Release & Life-flow Workshops



Collective Dreaming Now Online!



A Dream ‘Lab’

A 3 hours online experience to harvest the abundance of insight and guidance available in the collective well of dreams and intuitive wisdom. 

Some background information

A collective gathering to ‘consult’ the dreams that have emerged in a community or individual, for direction or healing, is an archaic practice that still survives in few people’s traditions.

Recently there has been a rediscovery of the intuitive and unconscious information that dreams hold not only for the individual but for the whole collective, whether a local, organisational, national or even global community.

There are many paradigms of understanding dreams, both in different cultures and in the human sciences including, in the West, Social Dreaming, a ‘field’ ignited by W. Gordon Lawrence in the 80’s and growing constantly.

For C.G. Jung, and generally for archaic and contemporary communities, dreaming is a resource.  The information gathered in the soma (the undivided mind/body) and just beneath our conscious awareness, is believed to express itself symbolically and imaginatively, to address and process themes, insights, experiences, even suggestions for what is needed or what wants attention, both in the individual and in the collective realm.

What will we do

This gathering/lab wants to be as simple as possible an experience of drawing available inspiration and insight from our dreams at such a hugely potent collective time as this. 

We will use verbal, somatic, imaginative and symbolical ways to witness our dreams as they express their ‘message’ and to hopefully weave this together into a tapestry we can take away to guide us and to pro-actively and creatively navigate this time.


Join us by following the link to our Eventbrite page (below) and scrolling down the page to find ‘Remember Your Song’, then click on the event:  

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Online:  Two Somatic, Restorative sessions: 

Tuesdays at 9.00 AM and 8.30 PM, UK time


Apologies, these sessions are closed for now!


These are based on a gentle but effective practice paying attention to body, breath, energy, movements, sensory experience and inviting and supporting our own capacity to rebalance ourselves.

We do this to encourage vitality in the morning and to allow softer rest in the evening.

Fees are on a free contribution basis!  You choose what you wish or are able to offer each time, when you click on the relevant link to register.

Please see below the descriptions to find out how. 


Rise shine eventRise Breathe   

A 45 minutes morning session for you to gently unfurl a sleepy body, restore your vitality and awaken your well being for the day ahead



Rest Land

A 45 minutes live video sessions for you to replenish and close your day softly, to unwind a wired up body, release breathing, land, slow and drop into deeper rest



 Join by following the link to our Eventbrite page (below)  and scrolling down to see which events are currently active, then click on the session you are interested in:

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Remember your Song… 

What belongs to you is never truly lost


Coming up  this Summer 2020

and currently available ONLINE in a shorter form – see above!


This workshop is based on retrieving our ability to actively dream and create, a birthright faculty we often become cut off from in our early life.  It’s never late to find our gateway to our true home, to our forgotten calling. In fact this is often the work of later life, when deeper fulfilment in our authenticity becomes not only a compelling desire but necessary to the survival and expansion of our innermost existence.

Set in a light and welcoming space, in Lancashire, UK, with a garden and access to  woodland and river, this will be a day to find both inspiration and guidance in the rich well of our individual and collective body and soul. 

The initial workshop will be one day long. Follow up, deepening, workshops will extend to the weekend. 

Dates and location will be finalised later in the year.

Do register your interest here in the meantime or contact for more information. 



Ongoing Rhythm Programs

We have been running ‘CORE-BEAT RHYTHM CALLS’ rhythm-making programs in the form of one day or longer workshops on request by groups, individuals, teams and organisations.

As they are not always open to the public, we do not show their posters here but you can inquire about a programme or request a tailor-made one for your own group or organisation by getting in touch here.


NOTICE TO ALL:  Our public groups and activities are currently suspended due to COVID-19 special measures. We hope to be able to book or rebook our cancelled groups soon.


Fox Dreaming the Land by Edward Foster

Being the Land – Walks for Coming Home

Join us for these simple guided walks to experience how completely intertwined we are with the land, in our history, our existence, our creative nature and in our biology and spirit. We ARE the land. Helen Swift and Filomena Ianni will guide the walk for an immersion into a landscape’s deep, intricate, living beauty. We’ll enter the world of trees, rocks, rivers, over and undergrowth, animals, weather changes, wondrous architectures and webs that make our unnoticed life every day.

We’ll find those webs, make maps AND music with the land. We will use creation and imagination and listen to the animal and tree in our own bodies, in simple ways already part of our own nature. We will practice energy exchange for mutual nourishment with the forest and uncover the intertwined history of humans and land. We will come ‘home’. We will finish at a location near a pub or café. Here you can stay and share a hot drink or a meal or go home or carry on walking! Please wear comfortable outdoors clothes and boots and bring water, something damp proof to sit on, a pack lunch and snacks for yourself, a notebook, waterproofs, a change of clothes and a towel. The walk will NOT be strenuous, but there will be some up and down paths.

Our Autumn 2018 walk went beautifully.

Keep in touch here for further seasonal dates.




Announcing the start of a new rhythm group! This will be based on a number of rhythmical activities, with drums but not only, including breathing and stress-relief/re-harmonising practices that make use of our very wise body. Let us know if you are interested, share and pass on to anyone you think might be. Also, you have your own medical, complementary or holistic therapies practice, then this kind of group might benefit some of your clients, I am happy to discuss with you whom this might be appropriate for or directly with those you might recommend this to.

Core-Beat Time

Drawn Into Dance

October 2015 A beautiful day for all – men and women of all shapes and abilities – to discover the dance that’s in our bodies and our innate capacity to dream and create through this. We will combine this with art to create pictures that compliment the dance and show our inner artist. A delightful dreamshop awaits you… This workshop is led by body psychotherapist and dance facilitator Filomena Ianni and artist Edward Foster. We will both share our deep knowledge and experience of movement and art and teach many practical and enabling skills on the day. Price – £60 The workshop takes place at Slaidburn Village Hall, a beautiful building set in the wonderful landscape of the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire, BB7 3ES Enquire here or ring 01422 844926.

Drawn into Dance

Nature’s Way – Tribal Wisdom

Freshly visioned with Shamanism Embodied and waiting to welcome all who wish to gather and learn to go with big changing times, in our lives, within ourselves and in the world, in the new, more fluid, nourishing and creative ways these times require. Get booking, and look forward to your new year treat!

Nature's Way and Tribal Wisdom

Magic Carpet Dancing

This is a monthly gathering of dancers to be, closet dancers, aspiring dancers, dance dreamers, dance shy, dance lovers and dance seekers.

Magic Carpet Dancing

One evening monthly, for 10 months, we will enter into the spirit, rhythms and steps of some of the most vibrant Southern Italian beautiful traditional dances and let their glowing, warming fire open the way to discovering our very own dance, awakening our joy, to feeling alive.

We will take inspiration from the dances’ steps and playful forms and learn how to follow the creative signals that can lead our bodies into their own expression, their own steps and beauty and free our vital force. We will all find our very own ‘dancer’, for ourselves and to share and weave with others as community creation. Wide open to all genders and any age from 16 to 116! Start Monday 20th October at 19.00. 3rd Monday evening of the month thereafter In the beautiful premises and surroundings of The Birchcliffe Centre, Birchcliffe Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8DG REGISTRATION IS NECESSARY to join, the group will be limited to 16 members! Fees will be £7 per night or £30 for 5 evenings at a time. Enquire here or ring 01422 844926 More info on our Facebook page STEP IN!

Taranta Dance Spirit<, Fire & Freedom, on the Moors

A double experience offering to take you closer to the vibrant core of yourself and to open up to a fuller relationship with life, with others and with your own purpose through the ancient, transformative power of rhythm and dance. 2 DAYS DANCING & EXPLORING YOUR OWN RHYTHM, inspired by the rhythmical potency of the Southern Italian ‘Taranta’ dance (known as Pizzica), with its many aspects rooted both in community folk traditions and archaic healing practices.

Taranta dance workshop

Starting with this form as a vessel, we will go on discovering our own steps, at a beautiful venue immersed in Ilkely Moor, West Yorkshire

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th April: 10.00 -17.00@ Fell Edge, Moorside Lane, Ilkley, West Yorkshire LS29 9JX Register for either day separately or for both as a wholesome weekend experience!  DAY 1: TARANTA in your step Dancing, Ecstasy, Healing and Freedom of the Spirit Saturday, 5th April: 10.00 – 17.00

  • Learn about this dance form, based on the myth of the Tarantula bite, in the context of its origins & tradition
  • Dance to the beat of this vibrant rhythm, re-awaken & free your vital fire, creative energy & bring through your very own natural Dancer
  • Channel this energy by ‘rooting’ & linking to the life web that surrounds & supports you
  • Express yourself & have fun in the spirit of community & dance circle

DAY 2: TARANTA for 2 – Relationship as Dance  Sunday 6th April 2014: 10.00 – 17.00

Relationship, with others & within ourselves, can be seen as a ‘dance’, the dance of ‘opposites’ (identified in different ways in a variety of traditions and philosophies) constantly attempting to negotiate & harmonise.

  • How do we dance with another, with life, with ourselves?
  • How do we move around one another, honouring our mutual differences, without disappearing or overpowering?
  • How do we light & nourish the warm glow of vital fire in ourselves & between one another as we ‘weave’ our steps together?

Taking lead and inspiration from the ‘courtship’ form of this traditional folk dance from Southern Italy, we will play, explore, experiment, skip, stumble & have fun, indoors & outdoors, in search of our ‘dancing power’.

Please note: this workshop, is unrelated to gender and is open to both couples and individuals.

FEES: £60 per person for each workshop-day by 1st March 2014.  Early Birds: £50 per person for each workshop-day by 29th November 2013. ONLY £90 FOR BOTH DAYS IF YOU REGISTER FOR BOTH BY THE EARLY BIRDS CLOSING DATE! £20 of all fees per each day are a non-refundable deposit Places are limited to 12 for each day so book early!X More info on our Facebook page THIS WAS A BEAUTIFUL, WHOLESOME EXPERIENCE, THANK YOU ALL FOR JOINING THE DANCE!

Dancing Our Selves Back Home

For the 1st time ever: Our New, Unique Residential Experience!

Dancing ourselves back home

This was a wonderful, wholesome, magical experience for us all. Watch this page for future dates!

Nature’s Way

What if we thought of ourselves all as Nomads, just passing through, in transition, devoid of the certainties and securities we had based our lives on? What if in fact this was the time when the collapse of the social, economical and personal structures we held on to, called for a different, more creative and resilient way of approaching the way we live, plan, relate to ourselves, others, nature, our needs and our resources? Come and find out…

Nature's Way workshop