Dancing in the Shadows


Dancing in the Shadows

Shadows dance across the surface of your face

Rippling through in waves of tantalising reality

There it is – I’m sure it was there

Gone now in the remembrance of ‘me’

Grappling, rolling through the current of time and space

Ever elusive and yet it’s there in the reflection I see

Quick! pick it up – look over there!

The shades drip through my fingers

As I reach out for impossibility

How can it be there and not there?

Does my heart cast a shadow across my chest?

Are my hands like gloves, knitted together

To protect the depth of touch I yearn for?

Without the shadow your image is static, untrue

Flattening itself into something it’s not

Let’s dance & play in the shadows for a while

Let’s dare to dream of a world beyond

In the darkness

In the deep, unfathomable wilderness

In the murky greyness

It’s not clear, it’s not without risks

Can we jump together?

Peeling away a perceived reality

And embrace the unknown shadow of truth

Come take my hand, breathe deep in unison

Together we could survive.

© 2011, Jayne Johnson – 1st June 2011

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