RhythmCalls Drumming & Dancing Circles What’s On

RhythmCalls Drumming & Dancing Circles What’s On


As you know, due to the COVID-19 crisis all rhythmical activities and workshops had been only available online until May 2021.

We are now back into physical spaces! 

Organisations and groups are warmly welcome to get in touch to arrange Rhythm Circles and Workshops again  for their events, here

New ongoing Rhytm Well sessions and workshops are gradually opening in various locations too! 

Here they are!

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Rhythm Well 

Moving, Sounding and Rhythm Making to Restore your Life-Beat

@ Sawley Village Hall, Lancashire,

@Soul Space, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

& Soon in More Locations


Come and Resource your Wellbeing Through Rhythm



This is a restorative way of moving to and making rhythm, led by the body and abilities we have.
We also warmly welcome our elders to join,
and all those who have been severely affected by so much shielding and constriction over such long period of time.
Our wellbeing will be enriched
by the diversity of our ages and what we each bring!


11.30 -13.00


£5-10 per session (you choose)



so please book in advance!









‘Rhythm Well’  One-t0-One or Small Group

Online or in a Studio Space


Rhythm Making, Drumming, Movement and Sounding for your own Wellbeing.


These are one-to-one or small group wellbeing sessions based on rhythm, movement, drumming and sounding.  We use Zoom  for the video meetings and you won’t need a drum, we can use home made percussion for the instrumental part.  

If you wish to have a session in a physical space, individually or with a small group, we will arrange a studio space.

Do get in touch if you would like to know more or to book. Please use the contact form or the phone numbers provided on the contact page, by clicking the Rhythm Well link above. 


Inquire here: Rhythm Well 


Here is a little snippet of one of the studios we have used, in a socially distanced layout, before lockdown.  More Locations have become available from June 2021.


Studio space






Rhythm Well~Winter



Restore your wellness and lift your spirit at this time in Winter. We might feel our energy dipping, or quite flat at this point, after such a difficult, collective and personal build up to the new year and so much change.

Let’s see revive our wellness, feel warmed, brighter together and play.

We will tap into our own body’s rhythmical nature, move, clap, dance, listen ‘in’, listen ‘out’ and make rhythm together with drums, kettles, pots and spoons.

No fitness ability is required and you can participate by sitting, standing or lying down if you need to.  We will each go with the body and rhythm we already have, let them lead us to feeling well and re-centred.

The sessions last 1 hour and are on Zoom.  

YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER IN ADVANCE through a link you will be sent when you inquire.

This way you will receive a confirmation email with your own personal Zoom link and passcode to join the session.

Fees:  £5 per participant.

These can be paid when you register. 





‘Rhythm Well – Facebook Live for everyone every Sunday at 4.00pm UK time from Rhythm Calls Facebook page  


These 45 minutes sessions are on a ‘pay-from-the heart’ basis, with a link provided each time for your contributions, or on a monthly subscription-from-the heart- (a minimum of £5 please) with the added benefit of being invited to a closed Facebook group where tracks used in the sessions and other materials are shared. A subscription enables you to join any other online live rhythmical, musical or wellbeing session on Core-Beat Rhythm Calls for each month you subscribe, without contributing each time. Contributions can be made through this PayPal link and if you wish to subscribe for the month, please add the name of the month you are subscribing for in the message with your payment.

You may also inquire from the Facebook page by clicking the link to Rhythm Calls Facebook page above.  

April 2021, Notice:





Carers’ Drumming Circles, now Drumming for Wellbeing!

Carers ongoing fortnightly Drum Circle. We started in the Summer of 2017 and the group is still grown and grooving! The group has now opened up to a wider range of members as ‘Drumming for Wellbeing’.

This has been offered online during Lockdown periods! 

Do get in touch with CarersLink Lancashire if you would like to join the group in the current form. 


Carers' Drumming Circle


____________Past events________________


RhythmCalls @ Lancaster Music Festival – 13th October 2019

A juicy programme of three Community Drum Circles as part of this beautiful Autumnal festival, packed with interesting workshops and performances for every taste and age!

We will be at the Storey Reading Room, opposite the Castle, from 11.00am with a Drum Circle with Defying Dementia. Then two more circles in the afternoon, at 13.45 and at 15.00.  Each circle lasts 45 minutes, drums and percussions are provided, no skills necessary, everyone welcome, bring your heart-beat!



RhythmCalls at Hebden Bridge Folk Roots Festival May 2019

  We will be running a public drum circle at the Hebden Bridge Town Hall (St.George’s Square if weather allows) both on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May at 4.00 pm for everyone to join in! Free to participate. Come along!








For info and also festival tickets go here            




Winter Passage to Light 2017

Winter passage to light drum and dance event