New Life

New life

New Life

The squeeze of polarities

The clamour of voices

Of energy searching to be born

Hold on tight and ‘push’ against the other

Surging, groaning under the strain

The clash, the roaring thunder of life

Is asking for space

For room to grow

For a channel to flow

I can feel you in the resistance

In the edges around you, around me

Holding ground, standing firm

Ready for the battle of life

Fire shoots its purposeful arrow across the space between

The sparks fly and embrace in an arc colour, of vibrancy

Speaking of wounds long forgotten

Of the injustices of a suffering child

The tolerance of destruction

Bearing the sword of death

Breathing through the pain of this tortuous labour

When will it end, when did it begin?

The space in between

The void of darkness is the only thing remaining

Into the scorched ashes scattered to the winds

Lowering down deep in to my body

Letting go into the cavernous space of nothingness…

A deep sigh

A sob

And a new heart is born

© 2011, Jayne Johnson – 1st June 2011

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