Fees run along a sliding scale as follows:

Workshops, Groups and Drum Circles

Fees vary depending on the type and length of activity.
Please enquire here:  Contact All Things Flow

Organisations, Teams, Events

Fees vary for each project and depending on form, duration and activities.
Please enquire here:  Contact All Things Flow

Somatic Movement Exploration and Learning

Individual: £60 per hour session, including the initial session. Ongoing sessions are normally 1.5 hour as body work requires a spacious pace. These longer time fees can be adjusted if needed.  I offer a limited number of reduced fees places and for a limited number of sessions. We can discuss this at the start and review our agreement later on if your circumstances change.

Classes: fees vary depending on format and duration. Do inquire if you are intersted.

Please enquire here: Contact All Things Flow

Autumn River

The living body is the very possibility of contact, not just with others, but with oneself – the very possibility of reflection, of thought, of knowledge.
David Abram