Fees run along a sliding scale as follows:

Workshops, Groups and Drum Circles

Fees vary depending on the type and length of activity.
Please enquire here:  Contact All Things Flow

Organisations, Team Building, Events

Fees vary for each project and depending on the services required.

Somatic Movement Exploration and Learning

Individual: £45 to £65 per 1 and-a-half-hour session, including the initial session. You decide what fees along the sliding scale suit your resources and they become your fees for the duration of our work together, unless further on there is a need to re-negotiate.

Classes: fees vary depending on format and duration. Please inquire specifically if you are intersted.

Cancellations: Please give 3 working days notice for cancellations where possible. Although wholeheartedly understanding of the reasons why this might not always be possible, but as a necessary policy for the practice, full fees will still have to be charged for cancellations made at shorter notice, unless there is availability to re-arrange our appointment within the same week.

Please enquire here: Contact All Things Flow

Autumn River

The living body is the very possibility of contact, not just with others, but with oneself – the very possibility of reflection, of thought, of knowledge.
David Abram