All Things Flow Services & Projects

All Things Flow Services & Projects

One flow, different streams

AllThingsFlow is the coming together of learning, skills, visions and interests gathered not only through professional training and work but through life experiences, encounters, cycles of creation and change, all weaving around one main life long quest. This is about what makes us heal, learn, expand, deepen into a meaningful, fulfilling and creatively nourished existence in ourselves and in connection to the whole of which we are a part.

The ways in which this can be pursued, achieved or opened into our lives are many, just like vessels all fuelled by the same propelling current that is life force, meandering through many landscapes and conditions.  Everything being in constant flow, whether it does or does not look to us that way.

In the Psychotherapy section of this site, I say:

I believe that therapeutic work is about creating the conditions of safety to follow these signals so that what they are bringing up can be understood, integrated, completed, or changed.

This could be said of any ‘vessel’ presented here, for I believe that in any activity in which we engage with the dedicated intention of new learning, change and healing, we need these very same conditions and that listening to and following the signals that our body-soul system sends out, is core to orienting ourselves through it all.

The realisation that our body is the home of everything we do and are in engaging with life and therefore the place of both memory and change, is crucial to my approach, as it is the reality of our interconnectedness with a web of relationships, internal, external, collective and transpersonal.

Streams and Vessels, the Gateways

My choice of the different gateways offered to embark on learning and questing is inevitably based on my personal aptitudes, passions and calling. These will suit different people and settings where my role is sometimes single handed, sometimes a joint project with others.

Below you will find links to the main pathways offered: working with Drum, Rhythm and Dance in groups and communities or exploring and nourishing wellness through Somatic Movement Practices and Imagination,  in groups or in individual journeys.

Embodied Psychotherapy and Counselling are currently supsended in favour of developing and expanding a Somatic Movement Education practice as my growing and preferred medium of expression, with greater and more specialised areas of focus as experiences deepen and cross fertilise.

Music creation and performance is an integral part of my creative projects.

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Drums, Rhythm and Dance

Working with Drums, Rhythm, Dance.

Somatic Movement Practices

Movement Reconnections with the Living Body, Wellness and Imagination : Somatic Movement

Embodied Psychotherapy and Counselling

Learn about my Embodied Psychotherapy and Counselling service.

Please note that for reasons of personal boundaries I will only be able to offer one to one therapeutic work to a limited number of residents in Hebden Bridge town.