Drum Circles, Rhythm, Dance

Drum Circles, Rhythm, Dance

Sad to announce that due to COVID-19, all bookings for Spring and Summer 2020 and our ongoing Drumming for Wellbeing fortnightly Carers Drum Circle, have been cancelled until further notice.  However, rhythmical activities and workshops are available online. Please check them here.


Working With Drums, Rhythm, Dance

Drumming & Dancing are increasingly being researched and experienced as a unique and therapeutic way of expressing ourselves, communicating and re-balancing. We use drums and rhythm – but also voice and movement – in workshops and groups to facilitate discovery and change in ways that touch the core of ourselves, our rhythmical nature. The language of rhythms belongs to us all!

Drummers in a drum circle

Community Drum & Dance Circles

We offer Facilitated Community Drum Circles, dance and rhythmical group sessions making use of drums and other percussion and spontaneous dancing for a variety of age groups and settings, from organisations and teams to community groups and events, Mental Health Services, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and for those suffering from Alzheimer and Parkinson’s Disease, Special Needs Groups, Youth Clubs and many others.

There are no age, social, cultural or language limitations to enjoying and benefiting from drumming. It’s fun, it’s immediate, it improves our health and it makes us feel good!

African Djembe Drum

African Djembe Drum

Drum & Dance Circles to suit different needs

Facilitated Drum & Dance Circles can be tailor-made to each group and to the needs of the members especially if they share a life situation or theme. It can focus on play and developing rhythmical skills, to social communication, to reducing stress levels and aid recovery and healing, to encourage creativity and spontaneous expression or an equal mix of all.

Drum & Dance Circles can be run as a standard 1.5 hr session, as a one-off or as part of a program consisting of a session weekly for a number of weeks, to allow the members to experience and ground consistent changes and often to build up to a little performance piece at the end, which gives the group a sense of satisfaction and achievement for the rhythms that can be created together just by being who we are, cooperating and having a good time.

How to arrange a Facilitated Rhythm Circle

If you do not have your own set of drums, I can provide drums and percussion for your group. For very large groups and projects requiring specific styles and skills, I make use of the collaboration of other facilitators and professional musicians. I can travel to you and the fees will vary depending on length of circle, setting, traveling distance and equipment required. We can then discuss your ideas and come up with an arrangement that suits your project. Or just do contact me if you simply wish to know more about this.

You can also download our Core-Beat brochure here for your information and to print out: Core-Beat Brochure

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