True Love

Napoli Spaccanapoli

True Love

Napoli MontesantoI LOVE Napoli…

…Of that true kind of love you feel for someone whose flaws and quirks you know well, those you dread coming up against over and over again and make you want to walk away each time.

Only, you can’t, you won’t…

Because you also know that wild beauty, that rich, heartful core, that vast depth of soul, the wonder of untamed, intense creativity, in the face of tragedy and despair, the unstoppable song, dance, drum, running with the fiery beat of chaos, resilient beyond belief.

This magnificent, unique, unrulable tapestry of peoples and histories, this place of unimaginable treasures lying side by side with the darkest alleyways of life,


I love viscerally, I miss and shed tears for, every time I leave.

And as true love has it, I long to go back for more

I do, I do, I do…


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