Travelers and Tourists


Travelers and Tourists

What would life look, feel like, how would it change, if we could  be like travelers, not like tourists?

If we could be open to what we meet on our way and to what meets us, to the unexpected, the uncontrolled, the unplanned and if – having made those plans – we were able to shift and change them, learning from our encounters, if we stopped prescribing what has to happen for us to be happy, fulfilled, worthy, if we let LIFE show us….?

 “The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” G K Chesterton


This is what  my good friend Steve M.Nash wonders through Chesterton’s quote, in one of his Weekly Wonder newsletters,  one that caught my…’flow’  imagination!

Find his video and comments on this ‘Aussie’ edition of his Weekly Wonder on line, fresh, unpretentious and self-deprecatingly humorous as ever – Guru-free Self-Help – Weekly Wonder Online

Thanks Steve!


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  • You’re welcome Filo! 🙂

    And, I hadn’t really thought of Chesterton’s quote like this. I’d kept it in my mind to be about travelling only, but now I see it’s much more ‘valuable’ when it’s applied to how we respond to life’s journey!

    So, thanks for that Filo! 🙂