Song Of The Trees

Songs of the trees

Song Of The Trees

This year, at the point of passage some of us call Samhain, for some coinciding with the Day of The Dead, All Saints and more (if you let me know of others I’d be really interested) I want to remember some special Ancestors: PLANTS and TREES OF THE EARTH.
They were the first living beings to develop on our globe, highly complex and intelligent, absolutely vital to every other being crawling, walking, swimming or flying; source of the air we breathe, of our food, of our medicine; part of our building material, fire, furnishing, shelter, decorative beauty, and home to innumerable other organisms, insects, animals.

Songs of the treesBy our hand they have been decimated, genetically modified, poisoned, abused, exploited, wounded in all manner of ways.
OUR ANCESTORS, those from whom OUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE DEPENDS, those to whom we owe what’s left of it!

I am in tears when I feel into this.

I want to pay tributes to the Plant Beings, honour their gifts, their silent irreplaceable, absolutely necessary presence, I want to ask for forgiveness for what we have done to them (and so to ourselves), for what we still do to them, for our blindness and greed. I wish to offer a few minutes silence, light a candle in gratitude, send love and healing intentions, from my heart, to these neglected beings so many of us don’t really know, whose role in our survival we do not recognise.

May we be forgiven. May healing and repair still be possible.
May we drop our arrogance and hear the Song of The Trees in our hearts again, and protect and respect Plant companions. May our worlds reconnect again and heal each other.



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