Somatic Wellbeing, Movement & Embodied Imagination Workshops

Creativity and Life Flow

These workshops seek to be restorative and inspirational, to explore ways of connecting to what is deeply alive in our body and soul.

We might feel the need to come un-stuck, to find insight, healing or to live more fully. What might free us to moving on and moving through?  How may we flow?

We harevest our  resources through somatic movement practices, our intrinsic creativity, our embodied imagination and also create dance, reflective spaces and active dreaming.

For your interest you can find much of the variety and modalities of somatic wellbeing practices on the ISMETA website here.

There are also opportunities to explore transpersonal dimensions of our experience, for those of us interested in deepening into our embodied spirituality.

We source our wellness  inwards and outwards by turning to our kinship with nature, therefore we move indoors and outddors.

Meetings occur by monthly classes, short and longer workshops and retreats, in different location throughout the year.

A  plan can also be tailor made for your own groups and places.

To browse what is currently on, you may click on the link below or  inquire directly here.