Drum & Dance Workshops: Rhythm Calls

Drum and Dance Workshops

Drumming and rhythm making are a unique way of expressing yourself, and enhancing creativity, communication, confidence and vitality both individually and in teams, organisations and communities. These drum, rhythm and dance workshops are designed to bring these possibilities to all, as well as to offer the therapeutic benefits of drumming and moving to rhythm – with the emphasis on enhanced well being and fun.

More information about Drum Circles and Rhythm Workshops and their features and benefits can be found here Drums, Rhythm and Dance

No experience with drums is required, but if you do have your own drums you are encouraged to bring them along. The latest details of public and open drum workshops can be found by clicking the link below, and on our Facebook page Rhythm Calls.

Rhythm Circles and workshops can also be tailor made for organisations, teams and groups for their own events and programmes. Please use our contact form or phone number to get in touch if you would like to discuss this.