Ordinary Ecstasy

Bird in flight

Ordinary Ecstasy

Ecstasy belongs to us all, it’s part of our equipment as living beings, it’s a portal available to all, and not the only one, to show us the undamaged, undamageable nature we all belong to, that is our Home, beyond all beliefs about what we, other people, the world, life are.

It’s the true Wild, deep on the Earth, deep into the Sky and were all worlds meet, were ‘our’ worlds meet.

It doesn’t need to be pushed, forcibly induced, even sought, it doesn’t have to be extraordinary, enlightening and life changing, although inevitably, whether gradually or all in an unexpected liminal experience, it is.
My body knows this beyond doubt, when I dance, and when I watch somebody’s healing unfold again and again, when the the river flowing and the crushing of the leaves beneath my feet make the same sound as my soul, have the same pulse as my heart.

It is there when a space, a widening is made, when the rest drops away…

(…and there is so much dropping away right now I am not sure whether I am dissolving or turning into Bird)

The work is not to go after it, the work is the dropping away, the stepping right there into that space, where the portal is, where it’s been all along.

And this is of course what I believe…


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