Dreaming with the Horses

Dreaming with the horses

Dreaming with the Horses

You are invited to an experimental meeting, on the beautiful hills surrounding Hebden Bridge, to experience how our individual dreams inter-weave with the collective dreams and how the horses, with their presence and sensitivity, might guide us to the themes that are emerging, dream with us,  move and crate unexpected learning with us all.


Sunday 12th September,

2.30 – 4.30


Lower Blackshaw Head Farm, Blackshaw Head, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7JQ

 We ask for a £10 contribution per person. Future meetings can be agreed with the group on the day.

Social Dreaming, or Dream Matrix – as it has also been called – was ‘discovered’ by W.Gordon Lawrence between the 70’s and the 80’s, but it’s in fact an archaic practice, where individual dreams are considered, used and shared as a resource for the entire community as well as for the dreamer. Recent social dream work is based on the fundamental idea – portrayed within different schools of thinking, each stressing particular aspects – that individual dreams also contain ‘information’ about the social group surrounding the individual and about what is trying to emerge and be ‘digested’ by both, useful information that can be found beyond what we think, speak and know consciously.

The Dreamer’s world and the Others’ world exist together.

Our group will involve the participation of a horse to facilitate this experience.

Just bring a dream, current or past, that you are happy to share with others.

Note: No previous knowledge is required and we pay attention to creating a safe environment, but you will need to have some familiarity with working on your awareness of yourself as this experience can be stirring.

Email us via the contact form or via Unbridled Potential if you want to participate, we will need to know how many are taking part by Friday 10th at the latest!



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