Bridges & Fires

Snowy forest

Bridges & Fires

Well, what  a ride this year has been…

As I typed the title in the banner it occurred to me that for the past seven years I have been living in a town full of bridges, including the one in its name, and it then just felt clear to me that this year has been, in fact, mostly about bridges.

So much has manifested for me and in the lives of many I know, that had been seeds planted a long time ago, a dream, a wish, unfinished business, uncompleted stories. Much of the ‘un-happened’ or hidden or trapped in all sorts of historical ties and circumstances, seems to have come to be, to complete, to take form, to make its place ‘out there’, seen, heard, shared, ‘dared’.

It hasn’t always and only been about exciting, beautifully experienced manifestations. I wish to honour and acknowledge also those completions and coming into being that have brought to a head, for myself or others around me, what might have formed or hid in the shadow from un-healed places, those streams that run in the more subterranean, dark places, unknown or un-detected, them too having to take shape out here for that is the only path to change and transformation, the chance for healing.

The bridges for me have to do with this, with what has been possible because previously burnt ones seem to have been rebuilt from the ashes and new ones have risen where there was none.

Bridges between parts of oneself that were separate and forgotten.

Bridges in the consciousness of individuals and the collective, between parts of the social body, the world, humanity, existence, spirit, that were neglected, disjointed or that were numbed, anaesthetised  and drowned by the loud noise of misplaced and misused power, by the misguided (and encouraged) identification with what we ‘ought to have’ to be ‘ok’.

Bridges in our soul, allowing the ancestral memory of the enduring, resilient, unbreakable, untameable nature of our core, for this is the universe itself, it just ‘is’. I believe Soul cannot be destroyed, but it can be ‘sent away’ in exile, out of our consciousness, cut off, disconnected, we dry up and whiter the same as a plant whose roots are not nourished and watered. I have witnessed and experienced many soul-returns this year, over a newly built or reconstructed bridge, and life returning too, leafy, lush, rich, creative and joyful life.  And HOPE!

Bridge over river

Bridges to my ancestry, my roots, my homeland, the sounds and rhythms that make my flesh and bones.

Bridges between people in communities. Bridges through music, dance, drum, beacons of communication, fires on the hills to tell one another ‘we are here’ .

And the bridging force is the most potent, the simplest and most unfathomable of all. The bridging force is LOVE.

I believe this is already happening in the collective too, in parallel ways at different levels. The uprisings and the new creativity around surviving, thriving and visioning new ways of sustainable life, are signals of all this. I know, I wouldn’t make the news with this piece of hopeful vision, and I do not wish to deny the suffering that is still gripping such a big part of our Earth, which we have caused and contribute to.

My intention is to light a torch for the process of healing and transformation that is happening, everywhere, not because this exonerates us from taking care of what needs attending to, but precisely because it is more and more urgent that we do so, because with CONSCIOUSNESS comes RESPONSIBILITY.

At a point in history were we say goodbye to one of our Mahatmas (Great Souls), Nelson Mandela, as he moves on to his ancestors path after his work here is done, we are left with no excuse to ‘not know’. This to me  does not mean we all need to undertake large scale social missions, to be hard core activists, to act at mass exposure in the same form as him and those like him. To each their own, to each what their are best at.

I just think it is time, now, to dare be, speak out, get our hands and feet dirty, full on into the juice of life, make it happen, in every way and everyplace it is our power or talent to do. And being who you fully are, and let or help others to, is big enough part of this.

So here are my wishes and thanks as this year goes through the exit door and turns into a brand new one:

Flaming torch

Thanks to my beautiful tribe of drummers, dancers, family , spirits and friends older and new, for having been the carriers, the vessel and the path to love and innumerable gifts into my life and soul.

Thanks to all my clients and those in search of healing whose path I have crossed in different ways, those I could and those I could not be of any help to.  You are my greatest teachers, everyday. I am humbled and honoured by every stretch of the intimate, delicate journeys you allow me to share and witness, and I am left richer by every encounter, in so many ways, always. I wish at least as much to you in return and for your courage and determination.

And thanks this year to all those who have joined my dancing, and this way found something beyond the dance that opens portals to greater joy.

May we have the courage of our visions,

the help to carry them through,

the innocence to believe in them

and the child’s joy to show and share them.

May we know that be it Human, Spirit, Nature, Animal,

Planet, Universe, Town or River,

there is a place in ourselves or out there we can call


and always somebody we can call a Friend.

And when we get lost

– because we will sometimes –

may we find the beacon that takes us home,

that tells us we are not alone,

and may the lost path be the best thing

that ever happened to us,

for the new one and the bridges that we find because of it.

May we never be afraid to be ‘together’,

if we can do this as a way to empower

and honour each other,

And may we never be afraid of being ‘alone’,

as a way of finding and listening to soul, purpose,

vision, rest and belonging to all that is.

May you all dance the dance of life

with compassion, gratitude, joy, wisdom,

passion, resilience and love

this year and always.

From the very centre of my heart,

Have a soul finding, bridge building, love gathering,

abundant, healing, joyful


Filomena x

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