Who Do You Need To Be?

April 13, 2011

Musings, Poetry

The Water through the rocks

or the Rock holding steady,

the Bird floating on the surface

or the bottom of the Lake


The Skies above the water

or the Mountains broad and high,

the Trees away from shore

or the Shore awash itself.

Warmth, Cold, Fluid or Rocky

Dark, Light, Wind sweeping at the waves,

Heights, Depths, Fish swimming under there,

the Bird that flies away

Fast, Slow, Still, Moving


Β© 2010, Filomena Ianni

This was written in the Lake District a year ago, on the trip that opened this blog.

It is April again, March having escaped me, almost, shrouded in a whirlpool of changes, some tough, some liberating, some welcome and understood and celebrated, some incomprehensible and ridden with unanswered questions, all – I am sure – ultimately necessary, as such is the nature of FLOW, when our deepest self has ‘signed up’ for it. Mine did, a long time ago.

So, as it is at the birth of Spring, some shoots have found their way through the soil still cold, in difficult conditions, some have rushed to embrace the light, eager and easy, having gathered enough strength and nourishment in the previous months.

Good bye wondrous powerful March!

And to welcome April, I am introducing a POETRY PAGE, of which this poem is the first. This will turn into a regular page you will be able to access from the top banner and you will be able to contribute with more poetry, your own or others’, any time. Don’t forget to ask the author’s permission if you wish to share others’ poetry or if you are drawing from a published author.


Just go to the Β CONTACT page (in the top banner) and copy and paste the poem in the message window.

I am looking forward Β to sharing our intuitive wisdom this way

Filo x


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2 Responses to “Who Do You Need To Be?”

  1. Steve M Nash Says:

    Funnily, Filo, I wrote a kind of poem today called FLOW. Not the greatest and I won’t share it here, but wrote it I did (whilst swimming, believe it or not) – I will share it with you directly, instead.

    Anyway, my question to you, now March has passed and April is upon us (and soon May will follow…) is how do we contribute poems? Just fill in the contact form, or is there another way? And do the poems have to be ours, or do you just want the poetry of published poets?

    With love,

    Ps The blog is more than a year old. That is fantastic news! πŸ™‚


    • Filo Says:

      Hi Steve, do send your poem over if you like and…erm, I will add instructions as to how this can be done, which I have forgotten to include!

      Thank you


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