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Joining The Tides

April 25, 2015


20th April 2015 Descending Holy Mountain… Climbers walk past, fast paced, heads down, carrying their heavy load of gear, chatting – loud – busy, busy headed, talking, talking. Has the Mountain left nothing with them…How can you climb a mountain and not acquire some of its stillness? This most sacred of temples is made of […]

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Who Do You Need To Be?

April 13, 2011


The Water through the rocks or the Rock holding steady, the Bird floating on the surface or the bottom of the Lake WHO DO YOU NEED TO BE? The Skies above the water or the Mountains broad and high, the Trees away from shore or the Shore awash itself. Warmth, Cold, Fluid or Rocky Dark, […]

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February 16, 2011

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Mid February, glimpses of Spring in the quality of the light, more brilliant, on those few clear days (well…few here!), the first buds on tree and plants, the earlier sunrise and later sunset, the air smells different, nature stirring…Are you stirring too?  I am. February is an interesting month, almost a liminal space, neither here […]

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September 11, 2010


…All this musing, speculating, workshop-ing and dreaming, and I have never quite stopped to write about what I mean by ‘flow’! Intersting, isn’t it? ‘Flow’ – in the way I use and intend this idea – is a quality of experience, which can be compared to the fluidity of water, moving with, along, through, above, […]

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