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Sacred Shores

September 15, 2015


By the Sea I am tuned to the Ebb and Flow, To the in and out breath of Life I am entrained To the perfect rhythm of the Tides Woven with the Moon I am washed ashore From the relic of shipwreck From turbulent journeys, Gold polished back to its own elemental shine By sand and […]

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Blessings From The Woods

December 31, 2014


They called it ‘the year of the Horse’, this year. The year when visions and dreams would push through to manifest, where all of us called into action, who had any hidden wish tucked away in old drawers, would feel compelled to bring them out there into the world, a drive and energy supporting true […]

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Nomads & The Evicted ‘Teacher’

October 3, 2011

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Lately there have been more news from the world about nomadic populations being evicted, oppressed, scape-goated, used as human shields in conflicted territories. This has struck a chord with me as just in these past weeks, I have been shown some beautiful teachings by a nomadic tribe I crossed paths with, in an unexpected way, […]

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