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A Blessing of Light

December 31, 2017


Last year, when I was writing my ritual end of year wishes, I called my post ‘An Act of Faith’. Little did I know at that point how much this would not only be my hope and wish but become a live theme throughout the year.  Events amongst my friends and family, tragic losses, struggle, […]

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The Sound of Hope

December 31, 2015


It’s that time of year again. I am sat watching the sea, through this beautifully wide window,  from a place special to me and to my companion, feeling blessed to be able to be here. Only an hour ago the horizon had disappeared into a myst of sea spray, clouds and wind, the waves beating hard against […]

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Sacred Shores

September 15, 2015


By the Sea I am tuned to the Ebb and Flow, To the in and out breath of Life I am entrained To the perfect rhythm of the Tides Woven with the Moon I am washed ashore From the relic of shipwreck From turbulent journeys, Gold polished back to its own elemental shine By sand and […]

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February 16, 2011

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Mid February, glimpses of Spring in the quality of the light, more brilliant, on those few clear days (well…few here!), the first buds on tree and plants, the earlier sunrise and later sunset, the air smells different, nature stirring…Are you stirring too?  I am. February is an interesting month, almost a liminal space, neither here […]

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