Sacred Shores

September 15, 2015

Musings, Poetry

By the Sea
I am tuned to the Ebb and Flow,
To the in and out breath of Life

I am entrained
To the perfect rhythm of the Tides
Woven with the Moon

I am washed ashore
From the relic of shipwreck
From turbulent journeys,
Gold polished back to its own elemental shine
By sand and stone and salt and water

I am nourished
By the abundance of the Ocean,
Ancestral Home to all embodied beings,
Birthing and rebirthing,
Dreaming in the Depth,
Glittering in the Light

I am taught
By Gannet,
To dive with speed and precision
When food appears close,
Gliding, patrolling, playing in wind currents all other time

I am shown
By Basking Shark,
To swim effortlessly, purposefully,
Mouth wide open to receive the nutrients just there,
Filtering out the rest,
Knowing to follow an inner radar
To a spot of plenty

I am brought bare
To the ancient lands
From the womb of everything,
To retrace my steps,
To meet the wordless knowing of Soul
And create anew
What ever was, ever will be.

To Arran


Photo by Edward Foster

 …and to my soul companion and all that he teaches me to see of the beauty of inner and outer lands x 




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2 Responses to “Sacred Shores”

  1. Anne Says:

    I love your poem!
    Your time on Arran has touched your Heart and Spirit!
    Thank you for sharing your encounter!


    • Filomena Says:

      Thank you Anne!
      Such a deepening and opening by those shores,
      a real temple experience. Some places just resonate straight with our heart strings,
      just like people and other creatures, a living being. I won’t forget xx


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