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This page is devoted to poetry about FLOW, whether this word comes into it or it is spoken in any other language of the heart, the soul and of intuition and imagination.

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Marea Notturna (Nocturnal Tide)

sulla coda della Tigre

Passione, visione e nostalgia

Com’e’ bello a volte il tormento
com’e impossibile
e magnifico

Percio’ rimango
percio’ aspetto sulla sponda
La marea porta sempre messaggi
da terre nascoste – da profondita’ insondate

Rimango a ricevere, aperta
abbracciata al profumo della mia terra…

Se ci sei – parlami
Se sei tu – trovami

Vivendo e imparando
sulla coda della Tigre

© 2012, Filomena Ianni – 8th May 2012


Dancing on the Tigers’ tail

Passion, vision and nostalgia

How beautiful sometimes is torment

How impossible
and magnificent

And so, I stay
And so, I wait by the shore

The tides always bring messages from hidden lands
from depths unknown

I stay, receiveing
entwined to the scent of my land…

If you are there – speak to me
If it’s you – find me

Living and learning
on the Tiger’s tail

Who Do You Need To Be?

The Water through the rocks

or the Rock holding steady,

the Bird floating on the surface

or the bottom of the Lake


The Skies above the water

or the Mountains broad and high,

the Trees away from shore

or the Shore awash itself.

Warmth, Cold, Fluid or Rocky

Dark, Light, Wind sweeping at the waves,

Heights, Depths, Fish swimming under there,

the Bird that flies away

Fast, Slow, Still, Moving


© 2010, Filomena Ianni – 24th April 2010

God or a mouse? (1)

Who am I god or a mouse?

Do I need to be both, neither, for you?

As a friend, a companion, who can reflect back to you

The very thing you fear.

How do I see fully with one eye blinded by ‘the other’?

With myself, yourself, exposed to the squirming shame faces of reality

How can I ‘bare’ myself? How can you ‘bare’ yourself?

In this ever changing multitude of chaotic, simple me’s and you’s.

I am a changing, moving, growing bundle of cells,

Feelings, pasts, presents, futures

I can promise only one thing

I will not be the same in a moment.

I have gone, moved on

I am no longer the person you might have glimpsed a moment ago

How can we hope to meet in this madness called life?

Worse still how do I know myself without the mirror you carry in your being?

How can you hope to capture me, to hold me for an instant in time?

I’m ‘hear’, then, I’m somewhere else

The moment is lost, disappearing into the infinity of isolation

Do we only ever receive and give a blurred under or over exposed self image?

I am me – you are you – where are we?

Lost in the void of words, meanings, feelings, colours

As soon as you think you see me, I’m gone

No longer me, I’, now something else

It’s a paradox of a paradise, only dreamed of

I’m here – no not there I’m here

Please see me

But whatever you do don’t!

© 2011, Jayne Johnson – 31st May 2011

Dancing in the Shadows (2)

Shadows dance across the surface of your face

Rippling through in waves of tantalising reality

There it is – I’m sure it was there

Gone now in the remembrance of ‘me’

Grappling, rolling through the current of time and space

Ever elusive and yet it’s there in the reflection I see

Quick! pick it up – look over there!

The shades drip through my fingers

As I reach out for impossibility

How can it be there and not there?

Does my heart cast a shadow across my chest?

Are my hands like gloves, knitted together

To protect the depth of touch I yearn for?

Without the shadow your image is static, untrue

Flattening itself into something it’s not

Let’s dance & play in the shadows for a while

Let’s dare to dream of a world beyond

In the darkness

In the deep, unfathomable wilderness

In the murky greyness

It’s not clear, it’s not without risks

Can we jump together?

Peeling away a perceived reality

And embrace the unknown shadow of truth

Come take my hand, breathe deep in unison

Together we could survive.

© 2011, Jayne Johnson – 1st June 2011

New Life (3)

The squeeze of polarities

The clamour of voices

Of energy searching to be born

Hold on tight and ‘push’ against the other

Surging, groaning under the strain

The clash, the roaring thunder of life

Is asking for space

For room to grow

For a channel to flow

I can feel you in the resistance

In the edges around you, around me

Holding ground, standing firm

Ready for the battle of life

Fire shoots its purposeful arrow across the space between

The sparks fly and embrace in an arc colour, of vibrancy

Speaking of wounds long forgotten

Of the injustices of a suffering child

The tolerance of destruction

Bearing the sword of death

Breathing through the pain of this tortuous labour

When will it end, when did it begin?

The space in between

The void of darkness is the only thing remaining

Into the scorched ashes scattered to the winds

Lowering down deep in to my body

Letting go into the cavernous space of nothingness…

A deep sigh

A sob

And a new heart is born

© 2011, Jayne Johnson – 1st June 2011

The Letting Go

The time has come for letting go and taking the big stride across the divide and into the world

I am torn between the wish to see you enfettered from my maternal bonds and yet, I feel fear

You asked once had your life been planned by me to come into existence and in truth it was not

You made that plan for me and it was one I gladly accepted and embraced, you made me mother

Yesterday as I watched you with the eyes of detached observer, I saw the you that others see

I realised that for almost twenty years the you I have known has been uncensored and intimate

The you without constraint and sometimes without control, where you end and I began vaguely drawn

This moving on, this separation will surely change all of this and I must grieve the loss brought by my desire

For in my heart I know the time has come and I want to feel this pain.  I instigated it, I can do no more.

You have all you need my child and you are ready, so go with love and live your story.

© 2011, Barbara Isherwood – 26th July 2011

Song Of The Willow

I cry a thousand tears

for  loves that would not be

drowned in their fear of flying

lost in their broken wings


I hold a thousand hands

for the girl, the boy, dancing alone

to lead them to their fire heart

out of the ancient grief.


I weave a thousand threads

for the webs of our lives

the intertwining tapestry

no ends and no beginnings

I dream a thousand dreams

for sleep and waking journeys

as we all are each other

the teacher and the seeker


And over this old earth

beneath my naked feet,

Under this silent sky

above my naked soul

I draw a thousand breaths…


© 2011, Filomena Ianni – 18th August 2011