My Snail’s Trail: Losing or Changing…

August 2, 2012

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My Snail friend has been more adventurous last night. When I came down this morning, she/he’d been all over my slipper down the corridor, an intricate silver trail shining all over my left fluffy slipper. So sweet and comforting!

Then I realised she/he’s been coming in through the hole in the patio door the joiner is coming to fix tomorrow. The damp had been rising up through it, threatening to rot the whole door. So I’ll lose my Snail friend’s visits. And I cried!

Was this her/his last goodbye, hugging my slipper? Or things just need to change, rather than be lost…

I know why tears came so easily. I might have lost a special friend, lately, or I THINK I might.

But maybe it’s just the attachment to this current form that needs to go, and things are just changing, not being lost, to repair the hole in the door…
I need to let Life show me what comes instead, and get out of the way.
I was so absorbed into these feelings that I threw away the coffee I’d just made for myself, and washed the pots!
…C’mon now, let’s put the kettle on again….


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