Filomena Ianni

I am originally from Italy and have lived and worked in UK since I moved in 1994, from an upbringing in Southern landscapes, various diversions to original plans, a first degree in Philosophy and pursuing my dream to become a psychotherapist. My initial training was in Humanistic Integrated Counselling, I then became a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and am now a Body Psychotherapist accredited by the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP).

I am also trained in Clinical Supervision and more recently in Embodied Relational Therapy (ERT). I have worked in Mental Health and Primary Care since 1996, in independent practice since 1997 and for a short time in Smoking Cessation Services (particularly with young people). I have experience of tutoring on  Counselling Training and have worked for a University Student Counselling Service.

I also facilitate rhythmical circles in the community and with themed groups, making use of drums, percussion, dance and song. This has taken form through the itinerant part of my work, called Core-Beat: Drumming & Dancing At The Heart of Life (follow us on Facebook here).

My interest and experiences in natural and body/mind approaches to health and personal development and in music are reflected both in my life and in my work. These have shown me the importance of involving all of our body in learning, developing and healing as this is all of who we are and also the  therapeutic and formative role of arts and creative expression.

I facilitate workshops and community groups that encourage a creative, resourceful way of being, to access the forgotten knowledge of our body and to restore our resilience and our rooting in our natural rhythms and echo-environment. This includes using creative expression in various forms, movement, drumming, dream work and musical creation.

I believe in our self-healing capabilities and in offering the space to contact those abilities and to facilitate change at whatever level possible.

I live in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, UK, where my  practice, Full Circle and its community music off shoot Core Beat are based and I indulge in my love of walks, music, good food and good friends.

The idea of ‘flow’ has truly been a guiding flicker throughout my life, in different forms and under different names, and I have always found myself drawn to schools of thought, philosophical figures and experiences informed by this concept in both my personal and professional life.

Flow is both my starting point and what I aspire to, in my growth, my learning, my beliefs and my way of being.

I hope you will find these pages interesting, inspiring and perhaps reflective of your own journeys and that we might at times cross paths on our different ones!

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